Coronavirus: Changing Communication Forever?

In these unprecedented times, it seems so many of us are turning to the written word to keep abreast of latest developments and desperately seeking a ray or two of optimism. Be it newspapers, online articles, blogs or social media, there are so many forms of media readily available at our fingers tips, so thank goodness reading is one of the few pleasures that we CAN still enjoy in a socially distant way! But in these times, where only essential journeys are allowed, popping to the local newsagent to pick up a paper no longer seems like an essential journey.  Sadly, as the article below suggests, it may mark a change in times forever for the way we access journalism. Seems rather sad to me, especially given in any national or international crisis that’s gone before, newspapers have always been an integral way to keep everyone updated.

Click here for the link to a Guardian article

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