Lockdown Day 16

Stuck in lockdown, we do lots virtually,

To do what we need to, with those we can’t see.

So from the comfort of my sofa,  I watched a virtual black tie event,

Awards were presented although all nominees were absent.


The comedian compare was present all the same,

Standing alone for his moment of fame.

And as he announced the award we were waiting for,

I was delighted to witness my favourite nominee win it once more.


Three times on the bounce, the hat trick has been scored,

A veritable achievement one, I wholeheartedly applaud.

Nice to be part of his moment of glory,

A rare positive part of the Covid story.


The prerecorded acceptance speech was one not to be missed,

Who would have thought a BAFTA film producer he would enlist.

Mixing with the celebrities he took it all in his stride,

A perfect ending for someone justly bursting with pride.

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