My Best Friend, Hope.

Last year, I had the pleasure of writing a poem for an event , my specific brief being to write about friendship.  Heavily intertwined with the poem  I created were some reflections on hope and the power that can bring us.  In light of the COVID news we currently hear day in day out, this feeling of hope feels needed now more than ever, so I thought I’d share the work more widely.


Good friends come and sometimes go.
How long they’ll stay, you don’t always know.
Written as a book, life has friends for a chapter, and friends to the end.
Perhaps only fate knows the reason for each friend.

At first you might wonder who will stay and who will go.
But in spite of the timespan, true friends are easy to know.
They’re the ones who help you weather all storms.
Love you unconditionally, in so many forms.

People who accept you, even when the going gets tough.
You might see them often, or maybe not enough.
Honest and don’t judge, or make you feel small.
Always find time for you, even if just a quick call. 

People are great, but complete dependence can be unwise.
Life is so fragile, you don’t know what may arise.
For that very reason, and I’ve learned the hard way,
Self reliance allows true freedom, come what may.

Learn to love yourself, trust yourself and ALWAYS have hope.
Then whatever life delivers, somehow you’ll cope.
Friends can be there to help and lend a hand.
But on your own two feet, with hope you must stand.

Hope is always within you, albeit can go awry.
But if you dig deep,it can push you to try.
By kindling hope, there’s a positive possibility in sight.
Motivating you through, whatever the plight.

So three cheers for Hope! My invisible very best friend.
To help conquer adversity, on you I depend!
People can’t see you, you live in my mind.
But thanks goodness you’re there, and our lives are entwined.


Lockdown Learning Report Card

Timetable delivered online, pupils join us at home to ‘school’ via tech,
Lessons for my son delivered through interactive presentation decks.
Organised so well, an appearance of effortless transition,
But it must have taken so much, to get to this position.

The effort and command of the teachers, I wouldn’t ordinarily have seen first hand,
I’m so impressed how well they’ve made virtual learning land.
Lessons I once had, I see again from afar,
As I pop my head round the door to ask how lessons are.

So just a little thanks to schools, for making good of a situation so bad,
And for the new skills pupils are learning from the experience we’ve all had.
Be it time management of their day, online working, or interacting on video,
They’ve learned new things, we thought these new ‘mini adults’ needed not yet know.





Snow Good!

Snow Good!

The double edged sword of snow flakes falling,
The sledging, snowmen and joy of snow balling.
Seeing children laughing in the snow is quite a delight,
And in winters of late, a rather rare sight.

Coolly met by the chaos of the chills and the ice,
Somehow takes away the beauty of something visually so nice.
The silver lining of lockdown being many can stay close to home,
Not having too far to travel or too far to roam.

Monday After New Year

Monday after New Year
I’d say one of the busiest of them all,
Resolutions freshly made, suddenly seem to appear,
Will they last or will they fall?

Normally all too readily,
We get back into old routines.
But perhaps this year we’ll steadily,
From old ways gradually wean.

Perhaps COVID will change things,
For this year at least.
Restrictions having clipped our wings,
And normality somewhat ceased.

Perhaps the break from normal,
Helps people to take stock.
With things being all a little less formal,
New habits may load and lock.

So as Monday After New Year,
Spells out ‘many’ as a mnemonic.
Perhaps this year many changes will last,
At last the day may not be ironic!