Thought of The Week – What’s Happening With The Word Queue?

The pronunciation of the word ‘queue’ is curiously unchanged when the last four letters are taken away. So what’s the point of the last four letters? Those linguists amongst you may want to form an orderly queue (!) with explanations of the origins of language, but I prefer to think there’s a more subtle lesson in there waiting for us to figure out. Understand there is always more to something than meets the eye. Exploit the time you spend queuing to do something else whilst you wait. Think about it and repeat! 

Thought of The Week – Choose Words Wisely

Choosing words carefully matters. All too often a sentiment gets muddied by the words chosen to express it. Take for example “Everything happens for a reason” – meant to console but so often leads to more questions. Why me? Why now? Why? The message here is most likely “Most painful endings are synonymous with new beginnings, full of possibility.” With reflection, we can understand this. In the moment, maybe less so.

Value and Values Matter

As the founder of Written Right, what do I want Written Right to be famous for? Well the answer boils down to 3 core values which I try to live and breathe every day:



Small changes to make big things happen.

By being passionate about Written Right and loving every minute of the work I do, ‘work’ really doesn’t feel like work. Loving my work means it’s about a lot more than earning a living. Sure, we all need a roof over our head, but equally important to me is adding real value to a customer’s proposition whilst offering value in terms of a service at a fair price too. So today on random act of kindness day, I’ll be spending my time doing some free proofreading…. because if we all give a little we can make big things happen.