February 29th

Being, amongst other things, a well established proofreader, I’m always on the lookout for exceptions to a rule and where appropriate helping things fit more neatly into norms and common practices. But I do love it when I find something a little out of the ordinary, quirky or unique. So this month, I’ve been reflecting on the uniquess of leap days; February 29th, a quadrennial day. There are so many things that happen on this date. My personal highs and lows (you decide which are which!) are: the french paper La Bougie du Sapeur will be published once again for just a day; romantic loved up ladies wanting to follow a tradition dating back to the 5th century get a reminder that it’s a customary day to ‘pop the question’ to their beau; if you’re on a fixed monthly rent you can revel in one rent free day; last but not least we get a firm reminder that with each leap year comes the Olympics and the Euro football championship. I could muse over the wonders of this day for a long time,  but alas I have other topical themes to write about too.