News in Brief

I’d love to work with Cornwall Gardens Residents Association!

I’ve got lots of experience of creating engaging content for communities and groups. For a number of years now, I’ve written for community magazines, designed and developed websites and even written my own book to support parents who have lost their children.

This page gives you some ideas of a digital format we could use. Of course, content could be added as desired through a series of pages.  There are lots of ways we could logically ease readers through this, and we could design the menu system as you’d like.

Content could be varied, eye catching and interactive. For example:

1. We could add free form news and updates, perhaps for some news in brief or to attach some minutes of a meeting.

Example minutes


2. Data/pictures could be attached like this:

For example, you may want to tell people about things which have happened recently.


3. Surveys could be added like this to gather consensus

If you don’t want to use the the regular for feedback, we could always link any survey requests to the likes of survey monkey. Click the icon for an example:


4. You might even want to do something such as gather numbers for an event.

Perhaps this would be an AGM or a summer garden party! Whatever you decide, a quick click here could let you check on numbers.


5. We could also add forms like this to allow people to contact a monitored mailbox

It might be that residents want to report issues or something other residents should to be aware of.


Of course there are lots more ideas; pictures, reports, interviews, third party links – the choice is yours!

And we can password protect the sensitive areas, much in the same way as you entered the “client preview space” page on my website!

Once we have a website full of information, we have a choice how we communicate it out; users could subscribe, WhatsApp could be used to distribute the link, or MailChimp could be used as it is today.

I do hope this has given you some food for thought!

Hope to work with you soon!