Our Clients and Example Work

We work with and develop material across all sorts of written genres, for example: articles, text book reviews, charity proof reading, website design, creative writing, the list goes on! The below showcases examples of clients, feedback and recent work.

”Jill has provided a great quality service for ‘CustomEyes’ over the years. She has kept us updated of progress throughout each job in a friendly and helpful manner. Proofing has always been returned on time and completed to high standard.”   CustomEyes large print books @ Guide Dogs UK


Developing Content

Combatting the Challenges of COVID 19 Staying local for a While


Fundraising Website Property Website Example of Personal Website


Book Review


Creative writing 

Inspirational Poetry Personalised Poetry


We also support some other initiatives, one example being the Give project.  Such a worthy cause.


Proofreading Clients