Snow Good!

Snow Good!

The double edged sword of snow flakes falling,
The sledging, snowmen and joy of snow balling.
Seeing children laughing in the snow is quite a delight,
And in winters of late, a rather rare sight.

Coolly met by the chaos of the chills and the ice,
Somehow takes away the beauty of something visually so nice.
The silver lining of lockdown being many can stay close to home,
Not having too far to travel or too far to roam.

Monday After New Year

Monday after New Year
I’d say one of the busiest of them all,
Resolutions freshly made, suddenly seem to appear,
Will they last or will they fall?

Normally all too readily,
We get back into old routines.
But perhaps this year we’ll steadily,
From old ways gradually wean.

Perhaps COVID will change things,
For this year at least.
Restrictions having clipped our wings,
And normality somewhat ceased.

Perhaps the break from normal,
Helps people to take stock.
With things being all a little less formal,
New habits may load and lock.

So as Monday After New Year,
Spells out ‘many’ as a mnemonic.
Perhaps this year many changes will last,
At last the day may not be ironic!

Christmas Eve

Struggling to conceive it’s already Christmas Eve?
Amid Brexit and Covid news, it seems almost lost, I believe.
Stuck with Zoom (from the same room), the festive buzz is hugely reduced,
As we see only through cameras rooms so festively spruced.

Curtailed Christmas gatherings will go down in history this year,
But a small cost to limit virus spreading and associated fears.
I really hope people will choose to be merry not sad,
And take stock of the blessings after the year we’ve all had.

Many people may hope stockings will be filled with thoughtful gifts,
May we too receive renewed resilience to face regulations as they shift.
Christmas is about miracles, new beginnings and good will,
A nice sentiment to remember as we’ve all been through the mill.

So Merry Christmas to those reading, far flung though you may be,
Written Right’s poems are a new off shoot this year for me.
But like many I can’t wait to discover what 2021 has in store,
When hopefully some sort of normality can be restored.

Christmas Publication

Such an honour to feature on the cover of Give’s Christmas publication. In my book (pardon the pun!), it’s a very worthy cause which I love supporting. If you haven’t see their work, you can visit their website here.



Silent snow flurries; a frenzy of anticipation all around,
Nothing quite like the prettiness of a white blanket on the ground.
Open skies letting snow fall, landing silently where it lands,
With spirited little minds, excited to hold snow in their hands.

Fleeting moments of excitement, but all too often the snow melts away,
Leaving plans for sledging and snowmen to await another day.
And all that remains, are some wet and slushy tracks,
Keenly wishing now for some drier weather to come back!
Everything can be seen through two lenses, even for weather this is true,
Seeing the beauty of everything, that’s the best someone can do.

Instead of Christmas Cards…..

I like to pride myself on coming up with creative approaches to share a message; it’s a great way to stand out from the crowd and get yourself heard! So this year, in the year where virtual interaction has come into its own like never before, I’ve decided to digitise my Christmas cards too! Merry. Christmas, hope you enjoy it. 😀

Lockdown Day 25


The end of November and soon my lockdown poems will fold,
They’ve brightened a few people’s days, so I’ve been told.
It’s been nice to have documented the turns and the twists,
As things have changed as the virus persists.

We’ve recorded some history of how it has been,
Documented the news and what we have seen.
I hope it soon ends and something like our normal lives resumes,
And that a brighter 2021 on the horizon looms.

But for now at least, my lockdown poems will cease,
I have one or two other projects tucked up my sleeve.
So I’ll be back very soon with an exciting little twist,
I’m quite excited about the next project on the list.

Lockdown Day 24

A rainy lockdown Saturday, with nowhere much to go,
I’ve been flicking through the news, to see what I should know.
Covid, Covid, Covid; we see it everywhere,
With other reported stories, being rather rare.

I did however find something, that made me stop and smile,
I forgot about Covid, for a very fleeting while.
A moment to appreciate the nature amongst which we co exist,
And sharing it with you, well I simply couldn’t resist. 😀


Lockdown Day 23

Blooming marvellous how long some cut flowers bloom,
Vibrantly bringing colour and life to a room.
Reminding us too of friends we’ve not see in an age,
Hampered and restrained by COVID’s restrictive cage.

Pretty petals and luscious leaves,
Safely tucked up inside away from the breeze.
Scintillating scents wafting through the air,
Making you pause momentarily to stop and to stare.

Lockdown Day 22

The latest COVID 19 tiers are like a metaphorical wedding cake,
Tier 1 at the top, the first to see a break.
Once cut into though, the uniformity crumbles away,
With each people consuming in their own unique way.

A moment of delight, perhaps to be worked off later,
For boosts to morale and businesses, this cake will help to cater.
The cake won’t last for ever though and will surely make some crumbs,
Portion control is perhaps the key for positive outcomes.