Not Dropped A Balll…..

I’m not normally a football stadium attendee,
In fact I’ve only been a couple of times – two, maybe three.
This time I went, not a ball was in sight,
My support today was for the COVID 19 fight.

I marvelled at the vaccination hub, so incredibly set up,
I’d say far worthier than football for a winners cup.
Swiftly I moved from check in to jab,
Efficient, organised and generally fab!

The wonders of science delivered through a quick sharp scratch,
From something so small, protection can hatch.
An incredibly great development, hopefully will end our isolation,
The race now on to vaccinate the nation.

Vaccination card in hand, I was quickly outside,
I took a moment to reflect and hope so many are filled with pride.
For what the NHS have done to support us all,
I’ll remember forever the football stadium trip, with no sight of a ball!



Community Spirit Combatting the Challenges of COVID 19

Nice to feature in Pomfretian again, spreading the word of my daily poems as well as my general musings on the growing community spirit due to COVID 19. It’s always a delight to write for Pomfretian, which available online and in print, is such a diverse magazine covering all sorts; from recipes, to gardening, to what’s on articles and so much more. Have a look here if you want to see November’s edition. I for one think it makes a great read.